How We Work With Industry

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One of the Centre's key objectives is to enable UK companies to achieve and maintain leadership in the commercial realisation of the next generation of AM technologies. Providing the industrial community with access to world-leading research, knowledge and facilities will increase the rate of technology exploitation and raise the profile of the UK's manufacturing industry, in turn benefitting the wider UK economy. 

The Centre is currently involved in a number of industrial research collaborations including ALSAM and Diginova. These projects aim to tackle the challenges faced by the industrial community and, in the process, develop new innovations and solutions. The new lab facilities in which the EPSRC Centre operates at the University of Nottingham incorporate three separate laboratory rooms with restricted access for confidential work.

In addition to working directly with industry through projects and partnerships, the Centre also hosts seminars, networking events and conferences to facilitate development of the UK’s additive manufacturing community, bringing together industrial members and researchers. Much of this work is done through the ADD3D project, delivered by the specialist AM consultancy, Econolyst.

The Centre operates an open-door policy to all members of the industrial community looking to carry out additive manufacturing research. The Centre works with organisations of all sizes, from world-leading multinationals to new start-ups. For more details of our existing industrial partners, visit our list of collaborators and partners.   

If you are interested in working with the Centre as an industrial partner, please contact the EPSRC Centre Director:

Professor Richard Hague
+44 (0) 115 951 3962