Summer Internships

There are currently no positions available. Please check back regularly for opportunities to work with us.

Examples of previous research topics

Additive Manufacture of multimaterial energy supplies and meta materials
Design of a multifunctional Additive Manufacturing Showpiece
Progressing Area Sintering Technology
3D Microstructures printing by hot melt ink

3D Printed supercapacitor
3D printing flexible and durable light-guiding implant

Projects due to start in June 2015
Determining the relation temperature-curing time in a thermocurable ink
Single Process 3D Printing Conductive and Non-conductive Materials
Software development for multi-photon lithography system
3D printing of graphene applications
Manufacturing parameters optimization of Gelatin based materials used for manufacturing vascular structures
Design of Impact Absorbing Lattice Structures
Bioengineered artificial hand
Comparing the build speed, process energy consumption and cost of entry-level AM systems to their high-end industrial analogues
Liquid metal jetting 3D printing: interface energy and wetting of solder droplets jetted on Cu substrates